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For more than a decade, kids of all ages have been digging Kenosha’s Dinosaur Discovery Museum.

Really digging it. And brushing. And, well, uncovering fossilized bones, much like what real-life paleontologists might find at an archaeological dig, as part of weekly Dino Digs.

While wearing the requisite (and provided) safety goggles and using paint brushes, they dust off the simulated dirt surrounding the cast-in fossilized remains of a protoceratops, a single-horned, but pig-sized version, of the much larger and better known triceratops.

The protoceratops, a herbivore which weighed about 400 pounds, is seemingly locked in a duel with a velociraptor, a predatory bird-like animal the size of a turkey, which weighed about 100 pounds.

The “dig” had young Connor Wemmert, 2, of Caledonia, quite engaged on a lazy Sunday afternoon at the “Dino Dig” in the lower level of the museum…

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