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And the unelected European Commission president apparently told the German leader Mrs May is “living in another galaxy”.

According to sources Mr Juncker, who held a Brussels summit with the remaining 27 member states yesterday, also upped his portentous rhetoric.

Despite the obvious challenges, he managed to reach a consensus to fight the British Government over everything from free trade to free movement without a substantial pay off and succeeded in just four minutes.


Merkel and Juncker have been putting pressure on Theresa May

Based on the meeting, no deal is much more likely than finding agreement

Jean Claude Juncker

Mr Juncker, who met George Soros following his trip to London, used questionable rhetoric when he threatened that Britain would experience an “early crash” if it didn’t agree to its ransom demands. 

According to The Sunday Times, Mr Juncker held a telephone conversation with Angela Merkel after his dinner and immediately slammed the UK leader who has called a General Election.


Mrs May was out on the campaign trail as Juncker snubbed her food

He is reported to have said: “It went very badly.

“She is in a different galaxy.

“Based on the meeting, no deal is much more likely than finding agreement.”


Mrs May invited Juncker to Downing Street and then he insulted her

Mr Juncker is also said to have pulled out a copy of the 2,000 page CETA deal between Canada and the EU, that took 10 years to agree, as he dined at the courtesy of the UK taxpayer.

He reportedly presented the heavy booklet along with an instruction that the British Prime Minister should study the CETA pact which is already being blocked thanks to court actions in member states.

CETA has already ground to a halt in France, where Mr Juncker is being called on to resign, after the Constitutional Court delayed a judgement when lawmakers stepped in to prevent its roll out. 

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