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Air Canada and the popular Aeroplan loyalty program are breaking up in 2020. For now, nothing changes and your miles are safe.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should put your seat back and relax. You may want to consider making some strategic moves and decide where your loyalties lie.

“You need to start getting an idea, planning what you’re going to do for the future,” says rewards expert Patrick Sojka.

Come June 30, 2020, Air Canada is launching its own loyalty program. From that date forward, passengers earning miles by flying Air Canada will only be able to use them in the airline’s program.

According to Air Canada’s website, Aeroplan members should still be able to redeem separate miles earned in that program for Air Canada flights. However, they won’t be able to use Aeroplan points for flights with the airline’s rewards partners including Lufthansa, United, and Air China.

So if you’re aiming to redeem points for a seat on a partner airline, you may want to plan ahead, says Sojka, of Calgary-based resource site Rewards Canada.

“Now’s the time to start using up those miles because we don’t know what the future holds.”

Where do your loyalties lie?

Many of the details about Air Canada’s new program and what Aeroplan will do in response are still up in the air. But some members have already started making plans and even choosing sides.

Ottawa-based travel blogger Anshul Singh plans to burn through his remaining Aeroplan points and convert to Air Canada’s loyalty program.

“I’m just counting down to 2020 to hear more about this new program and switch over,” says the frequent flyer.

Ottawa-based travel blogger Anshul Singh plans to switch to Air Canada’s loyalty program in 2020. (CBC)

Singh hopes Air Canada will offer members more flight options.

“Air Canada will have complete control over the inventory and how many flights they can release,” he says. “If it’s done right, Air Canada can really hit a home run with this one.”

Singh also uses a TD Aeroplan rewards credit card to earn points, but he says that won’t deter him from switching. That’s because he believes Air Canada will partner with a bank to offer a rewards credit card.

“I may have to let go of my TD card,” says Singh

Sticking with Aeroplan

Gobinder Brar in Brampton, Ont., has also chosen sides: He plans to stick with Aeroplan — as long as he can still get his money’s worth.

“My main concern is that my points don’t get devalued, because I have a lot and I need to spend them,” says Brar.

The software consultant used to travel a lot for work and has stockpiled a whopping 300,000 Aeroplan points.

Now he often redeems his miles for gift cards at retailers like Costco. Besides flights, Aeroplan offers an array of merchandise rewards.

“I do like the fact I can get more variety of stuff with my points,” he says.

Aeroplan says it’s shopping around for partners to keep its rewards program attractive…

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