It’s their business: Store owners weigh in on potential Expo move –

As talk of moving the Capital Expo downtown spreads, business owners in the area that would be affected during the three-day event cite pros and cons.

The Frankfort City Commission decided to add discussion of the expo to its meeting agenda Feb. 2 so that commissioners can hear comments from citizens about the idea and give business owners an opportunity to weigh in. Details of the meeting, which will be at Paul Sawyier Library, are still being set.

Broadway Clay co-owner Audrey Hammond thinks it would be a positive for her business, like other downtown events have been.

“Obviously, as a business, that would be amazing. … It’d just be another Friday night concert (but) over a couple of days,” she said.

The home of the expo has traditionally been Capital Plaza, which is in limbo as the state tries to dispose of the property. The expo turns 44 years old in 2017.

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