Is this the end of the White House Correspondents dinner?

WASHINGTON DC — Is it the end of the White House Correspondents Association’s dinner? Could this weekend be a final goodbye?

With the real power players in the Trump White House headed to the Milken conference in LA on Sunday and many Republicans out of sight for the Thursday through Sunday celebration of the First Amendment, it was a question many were posing.

The President was marking his first 100 days in friendlier territory in Pennsylvania, skipping the event entirely leading many to wonder if Trump’s rally would drown out media attention on the festivities. The dinner was aired on C-Span.

Either way, this year, the annual roast of the President (in absentia) has taken on a much more meaningful back-to-basics tone. (Even while the focus is back on celebrity journalists instead.)

“This is an appreciation of journalism and a lot of people are glad it’s focused on this again. Journalists have never been more appreciated than they are today,” investor and owner of the Washington Kastles of the World Team Tennis, Mark Ein, told On The Money.

Ein co-hosted brunch at his home with friends and organizers including Tammy Haddad, Hillary Rosen, and others on Saturday. its the brunch’s 24th year of Mimosas and mingling.

At the mixer were Fox News’ Bret Baier; MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle and Ali Velshi, CNN’s Jim Acosta and California Republican Daryl Issa along with Microsoft’s government relations veep Fred Humphries.

Republicans have so far been thin on the ground at events, though at least one heavy hitter headed out for drinks on Friday night. Sources say General James Mattis attended The Atlantic Media owner, David Bradley’s private dinner.

The general wasn’t seen checking his phone despite reports of North Korea unleashing another failed missile. That lead party goers to speculate, Mattis already knew in advance it was going to happen, thanks to the Chinese perhaps.

Also on Friday night, Politico owner, Robert Allbritton was…

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