International Markets for Commercial Cards Remain a Good Business

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Companies across the globe seek more efficiencies and value from business-to-business (B2B) invoiced payments, which card schemes can provide through credit facilities, potential revenue share, and ‘risk-minimized’ virtual card accounts.

The major regional commercial credit card markets outside of North America continue to grow, albeit at varying pace depending on location and product. Mercator defines commercial credit cards as those serving the mid to large-market segments. The base growth is underpinned by corporate (travel and entertainment, or T&E) cards, which have been the general foundation of commercial card programs as they expanded from the United States during the past 15 years. The world continues to move in the direction of electronic payments, a trend representing ongoing opportunity for card schemes.

In a new research report, Commercial Cards Global Markets: Travel and Virtual Accounts Driving Growth, Mercator Advisory Group discusses the key trends impacting growth of commercial cards outside of North America, where the U.S. market has always been relatively robust. Business travel and regional growth combined with adoption of digital technology is helping to create opportunities for banks and their clients to find more effective methods to improve collections cash flow through payments processing efficiencies. This report presents Mercator Advisory Group’s review of commercial card results, trends, and issues in the eurozone (Western Europe) and Asia-Pacific regional markets.

“Although companies widely persist in using check-based payments, this usage is trending down in all markets. Companies across the globe seek more efficiencies and value from…

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