iNSPIRIT Medical Solutions (iMS) Offers a Full Line of Surgery Tables, Treatment Chairs, Gyn/Uro Chairs, Hospital & ICU Beds, and Patient Transport Stretchers

The goal of iMS goes way beyond product. Commitment to the services supporting the product will make the ownership experience extraordinary.

Famed Medical Solutions – one of the largest European manufacturer of operating tables, ICU and delivery beds – and Oakworks Solutions – a U.S owned designer, manufacturer and distributor, whose mission is to Innovate Health and Wellness Within Your World – have partnered to bring medical equipment to the North American market. Supporting the product launch is the introduction of a new medical brand –iNSPIRIT Medical Solutions (iMS).

“The iNSPIRIT Medical Solutions (iMS) brand means to ENLIVEN, to MAKE WELL. We see “inspiriting” occurring every day – this is what occurs at that powerful intersect – as physicians and clinicians practice ‘Medicine as an Art’ and ‘Medicine as a Science.’ That intersect – that inspiriting – we felt represented exceptionally well the goal of our organizations and the goal of the products that we are bringing to North America. It’s a powerful brand position that we hope will resonate with those we serve in the Medical and Wellness Fields,” says Rich Shuman, President of Oakworks Solutions.

The brand encompasses six (6) product lines: Surgery Tables, Treatment Chairs, Gynecological/Urological Chairs, Hospital and ICU Beds, Patient Transport Stretchers, and Maternity Beds. When combined with Oakworks Medical – a market leader in Imaging and Pain Management Tables, Ultrasound Tables, and Physical Therapy Tables, Oakworks Solutions has become for their medical end customer (Hospitals, Surgery Centers, and Specialty Physician offices and Wellness Centers) a single source for patient positioning needs.

“Bringing Famed Medical Solutions and Oakworks Solutions together in this commercial endeavor, highlights the synergy between Famed products’ technical solutions and engineering prowess, quality and artistic design and Oakworks Solutions’ customer service excellence and strength in managing sales distribution to these markets. We are very pleased to be working with Famed to bring these ‘market proven products’ to North America,” says Rich Shuman, President of Oakworks Solutions.

Rich Shuman further discussed the unique benefits for customers in the North American Medical Market that will come from this commercial arrangement, which encompasses Famed Medical Solutions, as well as, CSA Service Solutions, a nationwide technical service and professional solutions provider, with which they have developed a customer-centric service delivery model which is cost effective, efficient and fully scalable to the end customer need.

The goal of iMS goes way beyond product. Commitment to the services supporting the product will make…

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