In the United States spreads the charging of electric vehicles with solar panel

After California, or better, first, to be rigorous from a chronological point of view, although other cities and regions of the U.S. are gearing up to convert their fleets towns in electric vehicles.


2025 begins to remind combustion engines that for us humans has been recently the infamous Curse of the Maya: if everyone respected the commitments made, most of the old diesel engines and petrol should become extinct.


For example, this should happen in the city of Indianapolis famous for one of the most important racing car for the “old guard motoring”, in December 2012 gone down in history, his administration has initiated a program to convert the entire fleet town – 500 vehicles – in EV.


Animated by an enormous spirit of cooperation with producers and private enterprises, local administrators want to make the cost of electric cars affordable and strengthen the network of charging a currently stopped at 200 public refueling points, but, above all, want to leave shoulders an annual cost of $ 10 million in various fuels, is not indifferent to the budget.


And meanwhile, are born in the territory also private initiatives that represent the domino effect that can trigger certain choices: a shopping center in Indianapolis, as reported by the New York Times, is launching a “Plug-in Ecosystem.”


Namely, offers free public charging for electric vehicles through a gas station fast that partially offsets its energy consumption with that produced by the solar panels on the roof that houses: a mega-battery stores the electricity generated and the fast- charger in mode 1 and 2 make it available to users.


For the record, the mall or shopping center in question is the Clay Terrace, located in a suburb of Indianapolis, Carmel: the ownership of the shopping complex, the Simon Property Group, participated in the realization of the Plug-in Ecosystem, together with the electricity provider Duke Energy, Toshiba, Itochu Corporation and Energy System Network.



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