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For months, some Canadians have been searching in vain for their beloved Dad’s chocolate chip cookies.

A current Facebook thread on the topic is full of tales about quests for the item.

“So annoyed, I’ve looked everywhere for these as they are my absolute favourite,” wrote Karen Strom from Edmonton.

“This is so upsetting,” posted Sara Ortega from Vancouver. “Can’t find them nowhere as well … anyone been lucky?”

Despite coming up short, people persevered because the company that owns Dad’s brand kept insisting that its elusive chocolate chip cookies were still available.

Turns out, that was a mistake.

Mondelez International is still selling other Dad’s cookies including oatmeal and oatmeal chocolate chip. (Mondelez International)

U.S.-based Mondelez International told CBC News that it stopped making Dad’s chocolate chip cookies late last year and that the product dwindled from stores shelves over the following few months.  

Other varieties, including the oatmeal chocolate chip version, are still available in Canada — the only country where the Dad’s brand is sold.

Mondelez says it dropped the plain chocolate chip cookie due to poor sales.

“Nobody wants to see a brand go, but sometimes we have to make decisions,” says Stephanie Cass, corporate affairs spokeswoman for Mondelez Canada.

It’s not where you say it is

The news didn’t go over well with Susan Armstrong from Langley, B.C. who was a huge fan of the Dad’s chocolate chip version.

“I think it’s the shortbreadish taste. They were a good tasting cookie.”

Following her own unsuccessful quest for the cookie, Armstrong contacted Mondelez earlier this week on Facebook, looking for answers.

On Tuesday, the company messaged her back, insisting the cookies were still available and even offered her a list of stores in her area carrying the product.

Armstrong had just searched one of the stores — Save on Foods — to no avail. So she called…

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