Ice Poseidon Banned From Twitch: What Happened?

What happened to Ice Poseidon? Twitch terminated his channel due to all the drama that’s been surrounding it over the last month. Streamers ranging from Tyler1 to Andy Milonakis have Ice Poseidon’s back and believe the Twitch ban was unjust. At 8 p.m. EST. Ice is going to make a statement about the situation and what’s happening to his channel.



On Friday, the popular Twitch streamer was pulled off an American Airlines flight after someone called the police to report a bomb threat which forced the Austin-bound flight to make an emergency landing in Arizona. An IRL streamer, Ice streams his day-to-day life to thousands of fans online, including his flight Friday from Los Angeles. . According to first-hand reports, the plane was held on the tarmac and passengers were told to keep their window blinds down. FBI agents burst onto the plane to arrest Ice Poseidon and a female companion. .

This is the second time this month that someone has called in a threat on Ice Poseidon. While streaming in his own home, someone called the police to report Ice and said that Ice was going to hurt or even kill himself. He released a video after the incident, looking frazzled and tired:

It’s unclear who actually does these threats, though one raidforums admin has claimed responsibility for Friday’s incident. Aslk, who mods the very provocative forum where you can buy cheats to online games among other shady, maybe criminal activities, claims he made both calls. There’s little evidence to back up his claim, but the internet seems to think it’s legit.



What happened to Ice Poseidon highlights the inherent problem with Twitch’s IRL streaming platform. When a streamer gets too…

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