Hunter McGrady talks body paint pics, being Sports Illustrated’s ‘curviest model’

Hunter McGrady is being recognized as Sports Illustrated’s curviest swimsuit model — and she couldn’t be any prouder of the title.

“I love it, I’ll take it!” said the 23-year-old model to Fox News. “I’m so proud to be in this issue, which is the Body Diversity issue.”

The southern California native joined famous cover girls Kate Upton, Christie Brinkley and SI’s 2017 Rookie of the Year Bianca Balti in this year’s sizzling spread wearing nothing, but body paint. It took a team of several different women painting for over 12 hours to create the seemingly there suit before she frolicked on the beaches of Anguilla.


“There were so many layers of it that it actually felt like I was wearing a swimsuit,” recalled McGrady. “Me running up and down the beach in nothing, but body paint was nothing too out of the ordinary. You know, it was kind of freeing for me.”

But the road to SI wasn’t an easy one for McGrady. While she does come from a family of models, she described struggling to stay in shape in hopes of achieving similar success.

#flashbackfriday At age 15 I was told by 4 agencies that I needed to lose 3 inches off of my hips to be a model which would have put me at a size 00. I would desperately work out for hours and eat few calories per day, HOPING I could fit the bill. It wasn’t until 18 years old, 3 years of insecurities brought on because I thought I wasn’t good enough, that I wouldn’t measure up! I realized that my body was not built to be that thin. Today, I’m so thankful I’m able to pursue my dream and still promote a healthy body image. He will fill the desires of your heart! Chains are broken! I see it in so many young girls these days who are striving to have a thigh gap, or for their hip bones to stick out, or to fit a size 0. Not everyone’s body structure is made like that. Be the healthiest you, you can be. Be active, use the things God provided for you, focus on HIM and Embrace the body The Lord gave you! HE CREATED YOU IN HIS PERFECT IMAGE! You can’t deny his sweet creations!

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“When I was 16-year-old, I was a size 2. To give you a gauge of what that means is that I’m a size 16 right now,” she said. “I wouldn’t eat, I would work out for four hours a day — anything to try to keep down to that size.”


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