How to use Power Task Menu in Windows 8?

Microsoft has recently introduced Windows 8 OS in the market with features like Metro style interface, Hybrid boot, Windows to Go etc. Windows 8 employs Metro style user interface so most of the people are not able to adopt the changes and are not able to make changes in their computer software and hardware settings. In this article I will make you aware about how you can access some of the commonly used tasks by accessing Power menu.

Steps for accessing the hidden common tasks by using Power menu on Windows 8 interface are:


  1. Go to the Start screen of your Windows 8 Computer, drag your mouse pointer to the lower left corner of the screen.

  2. Then move your mouse cursor to the lower left corner then Windows 8 shows preview thumbnail of last application used by the user.

  3. When the preview of last used application appears then make a right click on that thumbnail then a menu will appear on the screen which contains options to  access the most commonly used tasks via power menu.

List of options available in the Power menu:

  • Programs and Features: This option will facilitates you  to  install or uninstall the program from your computer system in an easy way.

  • Power Options: This option will allow you to change the power schemes available on your computer. You can switch between Balanced mode and power Saver mode.  Always Balanced mode is preferred as it provides user with better performance and minimum energy consumption.

  • Event Viewer: Event Viewer contains a  list of the event logs generated for every action done by user. It also contains error logs, warnings and information generated by user.

  • System: This option will present the the basic information about your computer on a distinct screen, which contains  information about your computer and its operating system. It also contains hyperlinks to launch Device manager, remote settings and system protection of your PC.  

  • Disk Management: This option allow you to make changes in the hard drive...

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