How to retire on a small budget effectively


Alot of people in America are worried about how they will afford to retire. This is rapidly becoming an epidemic in almost every state. The biggest concerns are, where do i put my money, how much will i need, and can i count on any help from the government(Social Security). Another huge concern facing Americans is that they feel like they do not make enough money to invest in a retirement plan.

 First, let’s talk about how much you will actually need to retire. With inflation growing at steadily 5% annually or more, it’s pretty safe to say that if you were to retire today you would need $1-3 million to live the expected twenty years. If you are just starting to plan for retirement you had better plan on needing $4-9million to retire in thirty years. I know that sounds astronomical, but that won’t be considered extravagant living.

Secondly, lets talk about Social Security. Today Social Security pays out an average of only $503 a month to its dependants. I think it’s fair to say after a lifetime of paying into that program, people are not being fairly compensated. It’s also been projected that Social Security will be bankrupt in the next 8-10 years, so where does that leave everyone who didn’t save independantly for retirement? Back in to the workforce in thier golden years.

Third, where should you be putting your money and how can you afford to make the kind of money necessary for retirement? The oldest and wisest of all investment tactics is still the solution to your retirement woes. Real estate is the basis of all wealth. When purchased using financing(leverage), it allows you to control a large financial asset, that has a good annual growth rate, and pay for it with a monthly contribution.(much like a 401k). The upside of using this technique is that you can purchase a piece of real esate in a ROTH IRA and grow your investment asset TAX FREE!

So, how can i get started with a plan like this when my financial planner is telling me i need to be in…

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