How to Make A Cold Smoker: Ensure To Follow Vital Steps

Making a cold smoker is a great way to get satisfaction of cooking delicious food. Make sure to give enough ventilation, never hesitate in experiment and finally choose a best quality smoker.

Cold smoker has given a new hope to the people of contemporary generation to smoke food using cold smoking process. The cold smoking is specifically done to preserve the food especially like fish and meat etc.  The main purpose cold smoker is to remove moisture using the draft that dries up the food rather than cooking it.

If you’re inclined to make a cold smoker yourself then it’s a great idea to follow some of the tips:

Enough ventilation – To give enough ventilation is essential enough because opening the vents easily keep your chamber heat. You can make a drill of about 1 inch holes in the side of the box.

Properly know your smoker – Check the temperature properly when using a cold smoker.

Purchase best quality smoker – Whenever you purchase a cold smoker then do consider its quality. Purchase thick steel on traditional offset smokers so that you can easily cook both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

Go for experiment – You’re advised not make certain experiment and try to cook all types of foods in your purchased smoker to check whether it’s running properly or not? Try as well to check the flame while cooking different food.

How to make a cold smoker?

The easiest and the cheapest way to make a cold smoker by trash can. You will require two bins and one being the hot smoker in which the hot smoke is generated and other being a cold smoker where meat is kept and made connected to the former through a hose. Apart of it, other things you may require include grill, duct adapter, duct take offs, duct dollars, foil tape, bolts and washers and vent etc. You have to make a hole on the top of hot smoker and make sure to connect it with an adapter and to the adapter duct takeoffs are connected. Both of these are wrapped together with a foil which acts a…

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