How to improve memory with diet?

Memory is improved by proper diet, variation in everyday life and to think through what you do.

Pal Johan Karlsen (28) defended yesterday his doctoral thesis in psychology and now boasts to be doctor of something as special as memory. – Our memory makes us the power to change who we are. We are completely dependent on it at all to work, says Karlsen. Short-term memory is one of Karlsen’s favorite subjects. It can bring most of us up in embarrassing situations if it fails. Who has not forgotten the name of a person you just met?

Sound based

– Short-term memory is largely aural rather than visual. This means that when we hear a name, it is sound, not meaning that is perceived first. If you do not think about this – thereby using other parts of memory to store the meaning of the name to sound, forget it in no time.

One of Karlsen’s innovations in the doctoral thesis is precisely to use “korttidshukommelsens lydgjenkjennelsesegenskap” to learn languages ​​faster. – Instead of memorizing words and grammar in the traditional manner, one should memorize strips of words that sound the most similar, regardless of what they mean. That way you learn words faster, says Karlsen.

Research also shows that the long training helps with memory loss. For each year you study beyond the normal of education, also subject of memory aging by one year. Karlsen stressed that healthy eating is very important for keeping swing alive. Many people eat too little and too rare. Then they end up in a vicious cycle where they just become more and more forgetful.

Smoke and coffee

Nicotine and caffeine are stimulants for memory. But Pal Johan Karlsen warns against believing that the party smoking helps to remember more the next day.

– Alcohol has a negative effect on memory, and the effect is enhanced if both drinks and smokes. Regardless, both smoking and coffee hardly something that can be recommended without asking for trouble. But it cannot be misappropriated these funds pleasure,…

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