How To Be A Likeable Person in The Office

Working in an office requires dealing with a wide array of different personalities. In order to help achieve your own specific work goals, it can be invaluable to learn how to be a likeable person in the office. Likeability doesn’t mean that you have to wear a phony smile all day or give up your own opinions and beliefs to always agree with everyone else’s. Being likeable simply means that you are pleasure to be around and that other employees see you as a cooperative colleague rather than a boorish or negative annoyance to be tolerated.

Being a well-mannered person is all part of being likeable. Say please when you need something from another person in the office and don’t forget to follow up with a genuine thank you when you get what you requested. Say hello or good morning when you enter a room and extend greetings for a pleasant evening when the work day is done. You don’t have to be a busybody minding everyone else’s business, but it enhances your likeability when you express interest in your co-workers, such as extending sympathy regarding a death in the family or inquiring if a co-worker enjoyed their holiday.

People who are likeable are also approachable, so take a break once in a while throughout your work day and engage in some brief socializing with office mates. Avoid participating in office gossip or helping to spread it, because this will sooner or later boomerang around to your detriment. Speak well of yourself and also of your co-workers. If you have a problem or issue with someone in the office, have the courtesy to speak to them about it directly rather than complaining to a third party.

Participating in office social events such as birthdays and anniversaries helps others to see you as a likeable person. Let others in the office get to know you by occasionally extending a lunch invitation and pay attention to what you learn about others during these opportunities for social interaction. Don’t rush to snap judgements about people who seem to be…

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