How much do Alabama’s school superintendents get paid? –

School superintendents in Alabama are paid a wide range of salaries, from $75,781 in Choctaw County to $255,378 in Jefferson County. While the statewide average is $134,578, more than nine out of 10 are paid $100,000 or more. 

To be sure, the duties superintendents perform are equally diverse, from wearing multiple hats in a district to having multiple assistants to share responsibilities.

Alabama’s school districts either elect or appoint their superintendents. Alabama’s 37 elected superintendents are paid an average of $117,681, and our 100 appointed superintendents are paid an average of $140,831.

Alabama’s 70 city school district superintendents are paid an average of $143,842, and in 67 county districts, superintendents are paid an average of $124,900.

Those salary figures do not include benefits or other contractual perks.

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