How Many Calories Can You Burn Spring Cleaning in 2013

The end of March draws close and while it still doesn’t feel like spring is here, winter has officially come and left, as of 20 of March. Though I don’t mind rain and cloudy weather, I can’t deny the fact that I hope for warmer weather. In the mean time I am getting ready for Eastern celebrations which are just around the corner. One of my top priorities before Easter is to get my home cleaned from the dust and dirt that have accumulated over winter.

Well, spring cleaning might not be the best way to “celebrate”, but it has its upsides. First, germs will be kept at bay by airing sheets and sweeping dust bunnies from under the couch. Consider the few extra burned calories as an added benefit. A day spent cleaning around your home equals to two – three hours professional work out. However, it doesn’t mean that you can skip a day or two of your fitness regimen. Just learn from this article how many calories you could burn spring cleaning.


Mop your laminate floor from end to end for an hour and you will have burnt 153 calories. However, the amount of energy expended can vary based on weight, body composition and intensity of activity. Nonetheless, you will enjoy shiny floors.

Washing Floors

Though mopping is great way to get rid of surface dust and dirt in some cases your floors might need a little extra elbow grease. In such case get down on your knees and start scrubbing hard. Do this for 30 minutes and you would shed 187 calories in the process.

Scrub Tub/Sink/Toilet

Scrubbing your bathtub probably won’t take as long as washing the floors in your home, but the intensity of removing soap scum will help you shed 90 calories in just 15 minutes. Not to mention that you will feel it in your arms, too. If you feel you have more in yourself, you can continue and give sink and toilet bowl a good scrub as well. This will add another 15 to 20 minutes of intense work.


Making 10,000 steps a day might seem impossible but that is the recommended amount…

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