How Does Chronic Stress Affect Our Heart?

Most people know well chronic stress and pay more and more attention to study it because it causes a lot negative effects on our hearts. Another reason for these studies is because the number one cause of death not only in the United States but also in the whole world is cardiovascular disease.


Chronic psychological stress is known to contribute to this horrible condition. To put this in easy terms, stress can literally break your heart. Have you ever avoided a collision with another vehicle? If you did, i can bet you know the feeling of the thumping in your chest, this scare caused your heart to go into overdrive causing your heart to beat very fast.


At that point your that your heart starts racing, your blood pressure raises through the roof, which is caused by the empathetic nervous system and that causes your veins to constrict moving more blood to your heart. At this point your body is reacting in a very violent manner.


Now imagine that your body reacts the same way every time your boss sends you an email asking if you are finish with the project, or every time your wife gets mad because you forgot to pick your underwear up, to tell you the truth if you are reacting to this with a racing heart, that is chronic stress. All this stress that you are going through can promote hypertension and that can be very hazardous to your health.


In addition to that high blood pressure can damage your blood vessels causing them to get clogged up and that can lead to a heart attack. In addition to heart disease chronic stress can lead to many other ailments like, diabetes, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome and common colds.


Every single one of us have probably experienced the common cold, after coming out of a stressful event, some people might think the common cold is a virus but according to studies stress causes our immune system to weaken, and those with a high stress life are more likely to succumb to colds.


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