How Does Cab Interior Condition Affect Used Tractor Value

How Does Cab Interior Condition Affect Used Tractor Value

May 05, 2017

Got this question from Nebraska yesterday via email: “I’d like to see Machinery Pete comment on how he thinks cab interiors reflect resale value.”

That is a very good question…thank you Nebraska.

I’ve been compiling auction sale price data now for over 27 years. When it comes to used tractors and important factors that affect value, some obviously spring to mind….how’s the paint? What shape are the tires in? And no question about it, the condition of the cab interior is a huge factor when assessing value.

Guess the best way I can describe it is that we collectively make assumptions on the general condition of the cab interior based on how old that used tractor is. So you know when you poke your head into a 5, 10 or 20 year old tractor cab you have you a sense for about what you expect to see.

What you think that tractor is worth and what you may be willing to pay for it goes UP if that cab interior is nicer than you expected. Not as nice? Then the value starts dropping.

Hard to quantify the exact $$’s we’re talking about here, how much more a used tractor is worth with a pristine cab, but I draw the correlation to the general first impression you get when you travel to an on sight on farm retirement auction and you park the pickup and walk up the owner’s driveway, look around that farm yard and eyeball his shop.

You sense pretty quickly how well his equipment was cared for based on these quick initial visual assessments. From my vantage point of 27 plus years tracking auctions I’d tell you that those first visual impressions tend to be very accurate. Farm yard neat as a pin, shop super clean = strong sale prices on that farm auction.

Just how it is.

Kind of the same with cab interiors I think. Below is a pic of a 2000 John Deere 8410 with 584 hours sold on a September 11, 2010 farm auction in northwest Illinois. It sold for…

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