How a mission to Thailand shaped Orange County roofer’s business, charity strategy

Three stories above the entrance to the Ronald McDonald house in Orange, Charles Antis in a brown cowboy hat and yellow safety harness nimbly navigates his way across the roof to check on storm damage.

Several years of benign neglect has left the area around a ventilating system in need of repair. New wood, roofing paper and new shingles are at the ready.

If you weathered the storms, fine — maybe. But if you noticed brown ceiling stains or water dripping, you’re like thousands of homeowners who managed to get through the recession as well as the drought with little or no maintenance but are now paying the price.

“Out of sight, out of mind” attitudes have reportedly left roofers with 10 times the work of a year ago.

Like cars, says the founder and owner of Antis Roofing and Waterproofing, roofs need maintenance — clear paths for water runoff in particular.

Antis, whose company has provided every roof installation for every Habitat for Humanity home in Orange County for the last eight years, offers other tips that can save homeowners money.

Those tips in a minute. Understand, there’s much more to Antis than repairing roofs. His approach to business was born during a visit to an orphanage in Thailand and grew to maturity when he came to know a struggling family in Los Angeles.

Corporate social responsibility

Antis is the kind of person who sees something and ponders the larger picture.

When he went on safari in Africa five years ago with two of his five children, he was fascinated observing animals in the wild.

Likening animal behavior to humans is nothing new. Species live together in relative harmony — and then tear each other apart when food grows scarce. But Antis, who attended Brigham Young University, brought the experience home.

Raptors, even in urban areas he realized, are similar to big cats who track, capture and kill prey. Antis’ latest hobby is photographing eagles, hawks and vultures in action. His photographs on the…

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