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President trump waking up at his golf club in bedminster, new Jersey, bask in the glow of his party’s victory on health care. The pushbacks have begun. Members of congress return to hair home districts where we’re expecting a bunch of town hall meetings starting today. We’ve seen protest, voters angry in particular because of threats to coverage for people with pre-existing conditions that concern all over Twitter where the #iamapre-existingcondition. The bill to repeal even replace Obamacare has a long road ahead of it. Republicans promising to do their own thing signaling they may start from scratch. Matt dowd is standing by with analysis. We’ll start with ABC’s David Wright with the president in bedminster. Good morning to you, David. Reporter: Good morning, Paula. Good morning, Dan. You know, Republicans are celebrating victory still over the passage of this house health care bill, but a lot of them are returning home to their districts to find the storm clouds gathering. More than a few constituents have more than a few questions and concerns. Backlash. Reporter: Even before the senate has taken up the bill the house just passed. Angry constituents are giving Republican lawmakers an earful. Kansas City, demonstrators lay right outside congressman Kevin Yoder’s office, a mock cemetery. Here in New Jersey, where friehli friehlingh friehli friehlinghousen changed had is vote. President trump pushes back in his weekly address. It will be great health care and your premiums will come down and your dedushthables will come down so you’ll have better health care at a lower cost. And now I’m calling on the senate to take action. Reporter: Trump finds himself defending not just the GOP’s health bill but also his praise for Australia’s single payer health system. You have better health care than we do. Thank you, Mr. President, we’ll quote you on the floor of the senate….

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