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Hotel gyms can seem like such a treat — Newfangled equipment! Fruit-infused water! Fresh towels! — until you find yourself hitting the elevator’s LL button and your heart sinks with each passing floor. Those dank, windowless gyms in basements or converted storage closets facing a parking lot don’t provide a lot of motivation to hit the treadmill. Thankfully, some hotels prioritize their gyms and the fitness buffs that love them by literally elevating their fitness rooms and giving them to-die-for views. Best of all, you can feel like you’re sightseeing, while working up a sweat. Here are’s 10 favorite gyms that will give you a good reason to lace up your kicks and get moving.

Mandarin Oriental, New York

Parked on the edge of Midtown and the Upper West Side, the Mandarin Oriental sits in an area thick with skyscrapers. But the hotel’s gym, at the tippy-top of the 36th floor, gives enough height to see a cross-section of the city with glimpses of Central Park and even the Hudson River in the distance. Cardio machines are pressed right up against the windows, giving exercisers a prime spot to drink in Manhattan’s splendor. And swimmers will appreciate that they can do laps while taking in equally stunning views.

Terranea Resort, Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.

Angelenos have a reputation for making fitness a priority, and the Terranea Resort’s gym lives up to those high standards. A variety of cardio machines in tidy rows sit under Art Deco-style pendant lights. A yoga studio with enormous French doors lets in coastal views and breezes. But it’s the cluster of spin bikes out on the terrace, facing the deep aqua waves of the Pacific rolling in from the horizon, that really embody the idea of an L.A. fitness retreat.

Casa Angelina, Amalfi Coast, Italy

A tumbling stretch of coastline set with sun-bleached buildings overlooking the sea, the Amalfi Coast is a true contender for Italy’s most beautiful spot. And Casa Angelina occupies a prime spot, on a cliff with views of Capri and Positano. The fitness center, with white walls and polished hardwood floors, showcases these views to full effect. But it’s the little alfresco yoga terrace, trimmed with greenery and gazing at the seaside cliffs, that’s pure fantasy fitspiration.

Le Mirador Resort & Spa, Vevey, Switzerland

Switzerland has been drawing travelers for generations thanks to its incredible landscape skirting the Alps, and this traditional resort and spa has been making the most of its location for a solid century. While its stained-glass windows and wrought-iron staircase are from a bygone era, the spa and fitness facilities are appropriately modern. The cardio machines all have monitors, but it’s fair to assume you won’t even glance at them, as the view just beyond each screen looks out over Lake Geneva toward the French shores beyond.

Park Hyatt New York

The Park Hyatt is old money to the max, with a…