Hero Impulse – A sporty bike for daily business

Hero Honda is one of the most popular motorbikes on Indian roads and Hero Impulse is the first bike to be launched by Hero Moto Corp Motorcycle after the spilt of their joint venture with Honda. The Hero impulse is a150 cc bike with a stylish sport’s bike body and high mount muffler. The established customer market of hero Honda has raised the expectations of Hero Impulse.

The High torque engine of 13.4 Nm @ 5000 rpm and raised front wheel and four stroke suspensions and disc brakes makes it a incredible cross country bike on tough and muddy Indian roads. It has a nitro gas –filled monoshock suspension in the rear and a spokes at rear help for tough driving in terrains. The bike engine has a new balancer shaft, which gives smoothness to the bike ride and a different carb spec ,engine sound seems to be calmer which has not been seen in any hero Honda bikes. The Hero Impulse has power peaks to 13.2 ps @ 7500 rpm.

The Hero Impulse weighs 134 kgs which is lighter than average Hero Honda bikes .The bike’s smooth sail engine sin any mode of traffic and any kind of road seems to be a highlighted factor for any drivers. The new thin looking double cradle frame with power suspension and the gap between the front wheel and the bumper shows it to be a dirty sporty gear .The Impulse tyres are studded type in front with grip and are good for any kind of roads .The speed of 80 kmph in highway makes it to be a reliable beast for high travel duties.

The Hero Impulse reviews say it to be a dynamic sporty 150cc bike for the Indian motorist. The reviews seem to be added star to the attributes of the bike with its style and speed. The Hero Impulse price is most impressive factor as the bundle though costly from the 150cc available in market has its power, speed, engine, style and appealing model to make its worth. A best price for its make and style is soon to hit Indian market. Hero Impulse price will be around Rs 65,000 once it is in market .The Hero Impulse is a bold new…

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