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Now that the spring selling season is in full swing, it feels like a good time to highlight what every home seller needs in their stash of secret showing strategies.

Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponges: The quintessential indispensable tool for every home seller.

You’ll need to have these handy to quickly “erase” things like the banana fingerprints, which your daughter smeared on her bedroom wall yesterday after her mid-morning snack and now has dried and turned into an unattractive shade of black.

They can also remove the equally unattractive scuff marks on the newly painted baseboards made by the vacuum cleaner, which you used to make those classic “vacuum tracks” on the living room carpet just before the buyers arrive. And they’re good for the dirty bullnose corners in the hallway your beloved cat has rubbed her chin across, repeatedly, and left an unattractive shade of brown.

Erase them all with a couple of swipes.

2. Nearly empty closets: You’ll need some extra closet space to fold and store the new sheets and blankets you got for each of the beds in your house.

Since you’re staging this new bedding (including a tasteful bedspread, an alarming number of color-coordinated pillows, and a textured throw) over the sheets, blankets and pillows your family actually sleeps on, you’ll need somewhere to place the new bedding while you’re using the bed.

Then remember to whisk all the new bedding out each morning and re-make each of the staged beds in your house, so you’re ready for the buyers who’ll be coming by that day.

3.  A large basket: Whether you use a basket you already have or make a quick trip to Target to pick one up, use this to collect the daily mail, important school papers, valuable coupons you’re likely to use (especially for packing and moving services) and other important paperwork and possessions that you need but do not add to the staging of your home.

Put all of these items in the…

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