Heartland Institute Experts React to President Trump’s Energy Independence Executive Order

Joseph Bast, president, The Heartland Institute

For many of us who were marginalized, ignored, or demonized for the past eight years, this is an occasion for real joy, celebration, and yes, vindication. We have a president who gets it … he really gets it!”

President Donald Trump today signed an executive order to re-evaluate the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan, lift restrictions on the exploration for fossil fuels on federal lands, and scrap the “social cost of carbon” as a factor in climate regulations. Trump says he is “putting an end to the war on coal.”

Several speakers at last week’s 12th International Conference on Climate Change in Washington, DC – hosted by The Heartland Institute – addressed this topic. You can view all the presentations and speeches at this link.

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“Donald Trump gets it. He really gets it.”

“At the signing ceremony for his ‘Energy Independence Executive Order’ today, President Trump stood surrounded by coal miners, talked to them like the real people they are, and thanked them for what they do. ‘I keep my promises,’ he said, and today he kept a big one. ‘We will put our miners back to work,’ he said. ‘We are putting an end to the war on coal.’

“President Trump stressed that this isn’t about lowering standards for protecting health and safety, whether for…

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