Having Problems Getting Your Parcels Delivered?

It is a fact that many of us now order lots of our goods online, but hate the delivery process as it is very often the case that we are at work when the parcel delivery is attempted and we get back to the dreaded “Sorry we missed you when you were out” card lying on the doormat.

Typically this then either results in a phone call to the parcel courier in order to get them to try and deliver a second time, or driving to the parcel couriers office to collect the goods in person, which often defeats the object of ordering them online for home delivery in the first place.

One new alternative that you may wish to consider if this regularly happens to you is the purchasing of your own secure parcel delivery box. These new boxes are made of metal and are opened using a four digit pin code. They can be secured to an exterior wall so they cannot easily be removed and are perfectly weatherproofed. This enables the courier to deliver your goods whilst you are out provided that you give them the pin code to open the parcel delivery box.

These secure delivery boxes are becoming widespread in use in houses in North America where people do not wish to have a parcel sitting on their porch for long periods of time in remote locations during the day. They are also being used widely in Europe in with large banks of such parcel lockers now appearing in public places such as railway stations and bus stations, whereby for security people are passing by the lockers 24 hours a day.

The secure parcel lockers particularly when used at home eliminate any missed deliveries and mean no more long trips to the parcel courier’s office to collect a missed delivery.

The majority of parcel couriers will now deliver to these boxes (And in some cases even if a signature is required) provided that you have given them the appropriate pin number to open the box, so they can leave the parcel behind securely and protected from the weather.

The key thing is to remember when ordering anything online to…

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