Jefferson Graham runs down those 4 wild tech announcements–from the flying boats and cars to drone goggles and Amazon’s closet camera, on #TalkingTech

LOS ANGELES — It’ll be hard to top this week for wild, crazy technology unveilings. And some may even end up in your hands.

Where to start? How bout: the flying car that looks like a boat, or jet skies maybe, or perhaps a huge drone. The Kitty Hawk Flyer, the personal project from Google co-founder Larry Page, has to top the list of far-out tech product announcements. It’s a vehicle that flies — hot trend this month, by the way — but stands out for this feature: It only flies over fresh water.

And Page’s pond jumper was only the half of it.

—Uber also envisions a time in the near future when you’ll be able to hail a flying Uber. The ride-hailing company didn’t entice us with a sample video, like Kitty Hawk did, but it did vow to offer a prototype of a flying Uber by 2020, for display at the Dubai World Expo. As if our streets didn’t have enough issues with crashing human-driving cars and self-driving experiments, now it’s onto the skies? Oh boy.


Former NASA engineer Mark Moore will now be working on Uber’s flying car project, Uber Elevate. Matt Hoffman reports.

—Speaking of the air above us, imagine that you’re flying a drone, but your eyes are totally covered with a virtual-reality-like headset, and you’re so lost in the journey, that you have absolutely no idea where the drone is. That’s one potential issue with the new DJI Goggles, a $449 headset that lets you fly the drone and enjoy the flight with a “bird’s eye view” in 1280×1440 resolution.

But what about that pesky rule from the Federal Aviation Administration, that when flying a drone, you have to have it in your line of sight? DJI says the Goggles have a flip screen to open for a quick monitor to keep track of…