Hail Storm Products Partners with AVIVA Canada Insurance Company with Policy Holder Exclusive Program

Portable Peace of Mind

While policy holders have insurance, they don’t want their automobiles damaged in the first place

The patented Hail Protector System is the world’s only portable hail protection system stopping any size hail from damaging automobiles. System development began eight years ago, in North America, and launched to market four years ago. The system now protects vehicles in 8 countries on 4 continents, with thousands of autos protected in the USA and Canada alone.

This partner program enables AVIVA Canada policy holders to benefit from an exclusive incentive on the revolutionary Hail Protector System. The system provides a portable sense of relief from the fear and effects of hail damage to their automobile through its patented design. The system is remote controlled and inflates to provide a cushion of air around the entire vehicle. AVIVA Canada policy holders will choose from six sizes to cover any size production vehicle and many commercial vehicles.

“Automobile owners have a tremendous sense of pride in their automobile. They specifically selected their automobile and, while they have AVIVA Canada insurance coverage for their vehicle, they don’t want their vehicle damaged in the first place,” says Michael Siciliano, President of Hail Storm Products. “Customers tell us the inconvenience of a damaged automobile, the lost sense of pride and the lost value in a repaired vehicle are the most common reasons they purchased a Hail Protector System. The fact that the system is available for less than the cost of the average insurance deductible is just an added benefit to AVIVA Canada policy holders,” adds Siciliano.

The Hail Protector System is a worldwide sensation with appearances on The History Channel, Discovery Canada, multiple appearances on The Weather Channel, over 60 appearances on local news segments and hundreds of features in print and online media. This is driven by the seriousness of the over $2B annual global problem of automobile hail damage and the effectiveness of the Hail Protector solution. The portable system installs in five minutes on most vehicles and has proven to stop any size hail, as demonstrated by Hail Storm Products and its customers. Hail Storm Products is looking forward to establishing similar country-specific exclusive programs with additional property and casualty (P&C) automobile insurance providers around the world.

Steven Krug, Executive Vice-President of Hail Storm Products explains, “We could not be more excited about our partnership with AVIVA Canada Insurance Company. AVIVA is a worldwide leader in Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance and AVIVA Canada’s commitment to going beyond in the area of customer satisfaction is…

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