Group Discussion- “Know your Power to Conquer a GD”

 Communication today has become a credential part of life. Since the dawn of civilization we are communicating either verbally or non- verbal. One cannot assume life without communication today. It has taken fast track from classroom to boardroom. With the growing competition and population, time is falling short to judge an individual’s capabilities, competencies and confidence; so to minimize the risk of sparing time on individual the group discussions are taking great leap and advantage. Group discussion is an art of expressing self, where a speaker is a seller and the rest participants are buyers. It is an art of bringing one’s internal knowledge outside and to make others comfortable while listening. It is nothing but a formal interaction with the team yet not forgetting to shine within the selected TEAM. It aims not only to judge the individuals skills but also foster on individuals team spirit, participation and presentation skills side by side.

Today Group Discussion is an exhibition of candidate’s talent. It’s a process through an employer gets to know, how to bridge a gap between employment-Demand and Supply. The more the candidate roles himself in G D’s the lesser becomes his chance of failure to succeed his next step of conquering an interview to a job. As it is well said, “Practice makes man perfect.” During the process of group discussion the candidate need to focus on his selling skills- first as a product and second as a service, for meeting these two he need to first build an impenetrable structure of three most required skills i.e. capabilities, competencies and confidence.

 Bruce Barton had truly said, For good or ill, your conversation is your advertisement. Every time you open your mouth, you let men look into your mind. Do they see it well-clothed, neat and business-like?”

 To what ever extent we work on our outer appearance, it falls to an end when we are not in the stage to speak and present our words in an effective and communicative…

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