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Miss something this week? Here’s the consumer news you need to know from CBC’s Marketplace.

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Very un-hip

Tragically Hip fans are being warned about counterfeit merchandise claiming to help charity. (Chad Hipolito/Canadian Press)

If you bought Tragically Hip merchandise online to show support of the band and raise cash to help fight brain cancer, we may have some bad news. It may not be legit.

Hip guitarist Rob Baker tweeted about the fakes this week, and urged fans to be wary of fraudsters. 

What insurance doesn’t cover

Wendy Soczek’s husband sprayed her with gasoline and lit her on fire. Her insurance company initially refused to cover the damage to her home. (Rachel Houlihan/CBC)

Wendy Soczek survived after her husband set her on fire. But then insurance wouldn’t cover damage to the home.

It’s not the first story about how insurance rules can mean a real disadvantage to people in situations of domestic violence.

After Soczek’s story was published, the insurance company offered to settle

Good news about butter …

Some cardiologists want to make something clear: Saturated fat does not clog your arteries, cause heart disease or give you Type 2 diabetes. Cheese. Steak. Butter. It’s all OK, they say.

Docs say your best bet for heart health is laying off refined carbs, going for walks and checking your stress level. The findings about saturated fats remain controversial, but they’ve concluded there is no proven link to heart disease.

… but bad news about your sushi

Sushi, ceviche, tartare: Delicious, right? Except there’s a catch: parasitic worms. Reported cases in B.C. are at an all-time high, and many cases go unreported because worms can incubate in your gut for up to six months.

If this isn’t traumatizing enough, there’s some video of all of this.

Wave hello! This anasakis or herring worm emerged from a piece of poached cod.0:45

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