GEG Offers Solution to Those Wanting to Invest Like Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett speaking at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women conference

Alternative investment firm GEG’s ebook library has added a third title, empowering individual investors to invest like legendary investor Warren Buffett. The latest installment of the ebook almanac series ‘The 4 Greatest Challenges Facing Self-Directed IRA Real Estate Investors’ is now available via the firm’s website.

Fortune and Fox Business recently highlighted Buffett’s most recent letters and interviews, and his advice to stick to passive investing. We also know from following the Oracle of Omaha’s personal investments and past shareholder letters, that he has, and continues to favor real estate as one of his favorite investments. This includes his personal residence, residential property, farm land, and retail. Buffett has been in the headlines more in early 2017 after a bullish run of investing billions in new companies.

The challenge every Warren Buffett fan faces is that they cannot simply wait for the next annual shareholder letter, and then emulate moves made months earlier, and hope to recreate the results. The opportunity is gone. As Wayne Gretzky would say “you’ve got to skate to where the puck is going.”

Growth Equity Group has been innovating in the retirement investing space with its GEG Solution. Combining self-directed retirement account investing, passive income producing real estate investments, and a digital property and account management dashboard online, clients are able to invest in cash flowing properties, while enjoying tax saving benefits.

The first two ebooks in the almanac series published by GEG were ‘What Your Broker Isn’t Telling You’ and ‘Don’t Risk It.’ The latest cover provides a guide to the most…

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