Games – Should only be seen, or heard as well?

Well a lot and lot and lot of video games are available in market some are for the likes of Atari consol while others are made for big tanks like PS4 or Xbox 360 and others. However, one of the things that most people cannot keep their hands off is the hearing.

If we are given a task to think of all the games and choose the best game that had audio and visual a necessity. Then we can say that Counter strike, Call of duty, Doom & Resident evil are few of the games that had audio as a necessity included.

For example in Counter Strike, a first person shooter game, you have to wait and hear the foot prints so that you can choose the target. On the other hand, in Resident evil the scary sounds can lead you to exit safely, that is if you can avoid them.

While these all games belong to just one genre that is the ‘first person’. However, if you have to check in other games like Sports, Simulation, Adventure and Role-playing. Then these games also get dull if they cannot be heard.

Now all it has come to is that, companies have started making devices for hearing aid. These devices will provide clear sound that will make the experience equivalent to reality. Moreover, if we talk about the games with both audio and visual quality, then gamers will feel much more reality while playing the games.

However, one thing should be kept in mind. Whatever the games are being turned into, reality will always remain the same. In addition, in games, the old ways of playing games with out sound quality and voice hearing was a feature of computers and that part ruled the world for years, until the invention of realistic sound for gaming. Therefore, as it’s said, games also pass through different phases just like other human based products. In addition, initially when we were using Atari these devices were lower but to the standard if we go back 20 years. But today, the time has changed and the people’ taste and preferences. Now people want products that can work with them, become…

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