Fun Exercises for Personal Growth and Development

Personal growth and development may sound like pretty serious business, and while you do have to take it very seriously, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a lot of fun on your journey. There are quite a number of great ways to make growing as a person a total blast! Here are just five of the many methods that you and your friends can try out:

  1. Reading comics and graphic novels

Comics and graphic novels would seem like the most unlikely places from which to gain a little personal growth and development, but you would be surprised how many of these colorful tomes talk about growing as a person. A lot of these titles, from popular superhero stories to more subdued independent tales, revolve around coming-of-age themes, and narratives that involve the protagonist facing a great many challenges in their life and coming out victorious and more knowledgeable of the world. This definitely isn’t just kids’ stuff!

  1. Taking up an extreme sport

Personal growth and development is not just about doing one mental exercise after another. Growing as a person can actually involve activities that are pretty physical! And while you can learn a thing or two about self-improvement through the usual sports, why not go the extra mile and get into more extreme sports instead? From skateboarding to rock climbing, these adrenalin-pumping activities take quite a bit of guts to pull off, and if you dare yourself to do these things, growth as a person is sure to be had! Take that risk and come out a better person!

  1. Backpacking in a foreign country

A lot of people decide to travel to a place they’ve never been as a means for personal growth and development, and that certainly is a wise idea. But considering how common it is now for tourists to actually sign up for soul-searching trips in exotic locales, complete with hotel rooms and tour guides, will growing as a person really become your goal, or will having a grand vacation? The better bet, then, is to do things with a more…

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