French media outlets banned from Marine Le Pen election party

A dozen of French media outlets have been banned from attending far right candidate Marine Le Pen’s election night following the second round of the French presidential election due to “lack of space”, according to the AFP news agency.

On Twitter, journalists from news outlets including the European branches of Politico and Buzzfeed, said they were being denied access to Ms Pen’s gathering in Paris to watch election results come in.

Matthew Kaminski, the editor of Politico in Europe, tweeted: “Politico barred from National Front event tonight in Paris, along with several other publications.”

BuzzFeed News on Twitter said: “@BuzzFeedFRpol is among several media outlets that didn’t get press credentials to be at Le Pen’s HQ for tonight because ‘not enough space’.”

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POLITICO barred from National Front event tonight in Paris, along with several other publications.

— Matthew Kaminski (@KaminskiMK) May 7, 2017

Following the ban, the Liberation newspaper, Les Inrocks magazine and Le Monde among others decided to boycott the watch party in an act of solidarity towards the titles that have been banned “from doing their job”.

“In solidarity with our colleagues, the editorial staff of Libération, who do not know at this time if we are affected by this measure, decided not to attend the party organised by the extreme right-wing party. These anti-democratic and anti-freedom measures must stop, such as the intimidation of journalists in meetings,” Johan Hufnagel, deputy director at Libération, wrote in an article.

The divisive election concludedwith centrist candidate Mr Macron projected to beat Ms Le Pen on 7 May by a wide margin and so become the youngest president of the Fifth Republic at the age of 39.

Mr Macron said that a “new chapter of hope and confidence is opening”.

Following the result Ms Le Pen said…

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