Four Trends in Sunglasses for Men – Summer 2013


The retro style dies hard – luckily!! It seems the timeless All-American look of the 1950s, ‘70s and ‘80s will always be in vogue. The retro style embodies an everlasting, classic feel reminiscent of James Dean in those classic black and white films of the ‘50s. Ray Ban can be thanked for keeping the retro trend around. The classic Wayfarer model has been a brand staple for the better half of the century, and the iconic shape is mimicked by a plethora of other labels. And let’s face it, the Aviator style will always be on-trend. Developed in the 1930s to offer pilots the aid of sun protection while flying, the Aviator has a classic look of the World War II era. Traditional models have thin, wire frames with a teardrop shape and mirrored lenses, but the look can always be updated with a few modernizations. Try a double-bridged frame, rounded or squared off lenses, or a thicker frame in a bright color for summer.


The oversized trend has increasingly grown in popularity over the last decade thanks to pop culture. Celebrities, musicians, and reality TV stars are being constantly photographed showing off huge, thick frames that cover a large part of their face. If you’re a fan of this look, find your inner celebrity and shield your eyes from the “paparazzi” also good for protecting you from harmful rays from the sun.

Thick Frames

Getting away from the fine wired frames of the ‘90s and early 2000s, the fashion conscious are going for chunkier, thick-framed sunglasses. The durability of the plastic makes them less susceptible to everyday wear and tear and ideal for outdoor activities. Sometimes referred to as “geek chic,” the chunky shape of this style is actually not so “geeky” these days, so wear them with confidence.


While black, tortoise shell, and metal frames are all safe options for year-round looks, spring and summer are the best seasons to add a bit funk to your outfit. Bold colors and printed accessories have…

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