Former aide to Gov. Chris Christie gets prison term in bridge scandal Video

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Transcript for Former aide to Gov. Chris Christie gets prison term in bridge scandal

Canoes we’ve been following is we’re bringing to you all afternoon a former aide to Governor Christie. Just sentenced to two years in prison for his role in the so called bridge gate scandal Eyewitness News reporter that Iraq goes live now with breaking details Diana. Marrying David it was a long hearing it lasted more than an hour and a half and just in the last few minutes. We have learned that built Moroni will go to prison for two years the judge sentenced him to 24 months for his role in the bridge and a we have video of Maroney showing up to court. Early this morning Cortes sentencing hearing. A judge did determined that he perjured himself fund stands. During the trial and after a state meaning corporal Ronnie did apologize to the mayor of New Jersey. And for the people of New Jersey for his role the prosecutors were asking for 36 to 47 months. The judge did rule that he would get 24 months he’s charged with helping to orchestrate the shut down several lanes of the George Washington bridge and conspiring. We Bridget Kelly who also arrived at the courthouse for her sentencing. With one yet to begin at noon Kelly was governor Chris Christie deputy chief. Staff prosecutors say she and Maroney or exchanging emails and joking about the traffic tie at his scheme to target the mayor of shortly over his refusal to endorse. Governor Chris Cristi for re election now again. They’ll maroni has been charged with two years. In prison and asked for Kelly she is still awaiting. Her sentencing that may be looking at three to four years as well we live in Newark news that I crop of channel seven eyewitness.

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