Five ways F1 will change

The group, led by new chairman and CEO Chase Carey, is promising big changes but what will it mean for the sport’s global fanbase?

F1’s new managing director of commercial operations Sean Bratches, a former ESPN vice president, outlines five key changes on a visit to CNN.

F1’s star drivers are often hidden by their helmets or hunkered down in the team motorhomes on race weekends but that could be about to change in F1’s new landscape.

“You’re going to see Formula One be more proactive and a little bit edgier than it has been historically in driving celebrity and athlete personality,” explains Bratches.

“One of the things we are looking to do in the digital space is to elevate the personalities of the drivers and some of the conflicts that happen in the race.”

The sport’s ranks are filled with colorful drivers — James Hunt was a world champion on the track and a world-class party animal…

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