Financial Poise™ Announces “Raising Money for a Start-Up through Equity Crowdfunding,” a Webinar, Premiering May 11 through Thomson Reuters/West LegalEdcenter

This Financial Poise Webinar series explores the purchase of ownership shares in private companies via crowdfunding websites. “Crowdfunding” for this series refers both to investments made in this way by accredited investors — given greater scope by Title II of the 2012 JOBS Act — and those made by any investor under Title III of the JOBS Act. Episodes in the series address the modes of angel investing in a company during its early stages, the opportunities and perils of crowdfunding real estate investments, the money-raising entity’s perspective, and a close look at crowdfunding options under federal and state law.

The fourth episode of the Equity Crowdfunding series, Raising Money for a Start-Up through Equity Crowdfunding, (Register Here) airs on May 11 at 2pm CST and features Moderator Chris Cahill of Lowis & Gellen. He is joined by Jordan Fishfeld of CFX Markets, Andrew Stephenson of Crowdcheck, Richard Swart of NextGen Crowdfunding and Raj R. Mahale of Tannenbaum Helpern Syracuse & Hirschtritt.

This webinar looks at crowdfunding from the perspective of the folks trying to raise capital. Whether a start-up, a real estate developer, or some other business, it is increasingly common to consider raising capital by means of the “crowd.” What does this really mean? What is involved? Is it advisable? And if money is raised this way, what are some of the key issues that must be considered? This webinar looks to answer these and other questions from the perspective of the issuer.

Each Financial Poise episode is delivered in Plain English understandable to business owners and executives without much background in these areas, yet is proven to be valuable to seasoned professionals. Each episode in the series brings you into…

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