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Whenever one goes for a trip, be it business or casual, he needs a bag to carry his belongings. Bags are an inseparable part of human beings that is with them since times immemorial. No matter what the type is, it has its own importance and usage. With each passing day, the demand of bags is increasing which has led to the entry of a lot many brands in the market. The brands that are involved in large scale manufacturing and distribution of bags are having stiff competition among them which has benefitted the customers as they are now able to get good quality bags and that too at reduced prices.


Bags have been in use ever since the time of early men. The very first mention of bags is in the Egyptian transcripts where it is specified that the primitive males of the Egyptian civilization used to wear a pouch around their waist. It used to be adorned with gems and precious stones to show the status of a person. As the time went on, technology developed and paved the way for better quality bags with an improved design. 16th century witnessed a revolutionary change in the designing of bags when the first leather bag was introduced.

In the 17th century, men and women started carrying bags having complex shapes and designs. The bags of this century were embroidered to attract the customers with their beauty. With each passing day, fashion gained more and more prominence which is very much reflected in the bags of the 18th century when bags started to be designed for different occasions. It was during the 19th century that many new brands came into existence and in the years following their birth became world famous manufacturers of bags of different kinds.


At present, when the market is dominated by numerous bag manufacturing brands, that one brand which has established a unique position for itself in the hearts of the target customers and the…

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