‘Fargo’ Season 3 Star Carrie Coon Talks Playing Gloria Burgle

Carrie Coon said that a lot of things about preparing for the role of Gloria Burgle in Season 3 of “Fargo” are outside-in.

During a recent appearance on “Entertainment Weekly: The Show,” Coon said that the Midwestern language of the script and the chunky costume she wears on set have helped her immensely in getting into her character.

“The wonderful thing about being on a show like ‘Fargo’ is you start with the language which is very specific and already you’re halfway there,” the actress said when asked how she prepared for her role as a recently demoted police chief. “And then you throw on boots the size of living rooms, you know, a puffy coat, a fluffy hat and you’re speaking in that dialogue and already you’re basically changed by just the outside-in part.”

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This isn’t the first time Coon has talked about how helpful the show’s Midwestern dialect and winter clothing to her portrayal of Gloria.

“Some characters I feel you prepare inside-out, you kinda work out the mental space, and then the physical life follows. But for something like ‘Fargo’ where there’s a uniform and dialect, that feels very outside-in,” Coon said in an interview with Collider last month. “And when you put on this huge police belt that’s so heavy — I call it a ‘hip chafer’ — and your oatmeal-avalanche of an outfit, and your big old puffy coat, it certainly informs the way you move, and of course giant boots which are living rooms for your feet. It’s a very particular way of moving through the world.”

Although Coon couldn’t be more different from Gloria, the actress said that she relates to her role.

“One of the brilliant things [series creator] Noah [Hawley] has done is he’s put cell phones in everyone’s hands around [Gloria], so you’re surrounded by these really bright cell phones everywhere Gloria goes,” Coon said. “And there are many moments in the…

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