Falyon Wearable Tech Launches “Back to the Future”-inspired Self-Drying Jacket, The SDJ-02, on Kickstarter

The SDJ-02 represents the culmination of many ideas, one that toes the line between retro nostalgia and cutting edge modern tech.

Falyon Wearable Tech today launched the next great innovation in wearables, The “Back to the Future”-inspired SDJ-02: Climate Controlled Self Drying Jacket on Kickstarter.

Unlike any other jackets on the market, the SDJ-02 is unique in that it allows complete temperature control of the jacket, with heating and cooling modes, making it truly a jacket for all weather.

Falyon Wearable Tech first dipped their toes in the wearables scene with 2015’s SDJ-01 self-drying jacket. Building from that concept, the creators realized there was much more that could be done to improve the design and onboard tech, and that they could craft a jacket that was more adaptable and convenient for the modern world.

“We had some success with the SDJ-01 on Kickstarter, and from listening to feedback, we feel like we’ve really created the jacket that everyone has always wanted,” said Falyon Wearable Tech’s Aaron Coleman.

Besides self-drying technology, Falyon created the jacket to adapt to the weather, as well as accommodate the modern mobile, constantly connected lifestyle. Based on innovative engineering and design concepts, the SDJ-02: Climate Controlled Self-Drying Jacket successfully addresses these issues.

Truly a jacket for all seasons, the SDJ-02 boasts a number of innovative features:

  • Heating mode – The SDJ-02 features three built heating pads, making even the coldest, windiest days bearable and comfortable.
  • Cooling mode – The SDJ-02 is unique among all jackets on the market for its air amplifiers, and features lighter, thinner air amplifiers than the SDJ-01. The air amplifiers alone provide some drying…

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