EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: Liz Truss stays hopeful the Queen keeps in good health in case the state opening of parliament speech falls to her

Now that the Queen has recovered from her seasonal ailment, Justice Secretary Liz Truss will be hoping Her Majesty does not have a relapse to coincide with this year’s State Opening of Parliament. 

If HM is indisposed, Truss, 41, as Lord Chancellor, will have to stand in and deliver the royal speech. Her squeaky voice, ideal for ranting about imported cheese, might sound odd spouting the monarch’s gracious words.

Liz Truss, now Lord Chancellor, would have to read the royal speech at the state opening of parliament if the Queen was unwell

Apropos the Queen’s illness, her return to good health has prompted some sighs of relief among bean counters at Philip Hammond’s Treasury, where an obscure document calculating the cost of her passing had been dusted off and nervously perused. 

Similar to the Bridge – the official blueprint for her funeral – the…

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