Encore Energy, Inc. Announces Plans for its Horizontal Oil Well Drilling Program in Eastern Kentucky

“Encore is Excited About the Opportunity to Participate in the Horizontal Berea Oil Play of Eastern Kentucky” – Steve Stengell, President CEO

The Company has secured drilling rights to an undisclosed amount of lease acreage and plans to begin operations very soon. More than 1,400 horizontal wells have been permitted and drilled in Kentucky since 2006, most of which are located in eastern Kentucky where many larger operators are drilling in an area that represents more than 20% of the state’s total annual oil production, primarily from the Berea Sandstone oil formation. As a bonded well operator with the state of Kentucky, Encore continues to be the most active well operator in south central Kentucky and is excited about expanding its current operations. For more information regarding Encore’s field operations, exploration and production activities, please visit http://www.encore-energy.com

Encore makes investment opportunities only to SEC defined accredited investors (SEC Regulation D, Rule 506(c)) who are sophisticated and can afford the loss of their entire investment. No assurances can be as it relates to production, income, reserves, profit, timelines and/or any other estimates.

For more information regarding Encore’s projects and/or to see if you qualify as an SEC defined accredited investor, please contact Joseph Hooper at (270) 842-1242, ext. 224.

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