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Two easy questions. First, who is in a better position best to choose where and how a child should be educated, the child’s parents or the government? Virtually everyone agrees that it is the parents. Second question: What is the goal of our educational system, to educate our children, or to protect below-average teachers? So how should we go forward?

The answer is to empower parents to choose where the government’s money will be spent for the education of their children. And the parents could choose public, private, religious, military, vocational, charter or online schools, or even homeschooling. Of course this will require monitoring to ensure that basic educational requirements and standards are met, and allowances should be made for a child’s special needs. But implementing this system will bring competition into the educational field. Competition has brought us such things as high-quality cellphones, computers and automobiles at lower prices, and it will do the same thing for education.

I am a product of public schools, and do not want at all to undermine them. But they are in a position to thrive, because they already have their institutions in place. However, if they do not produce, one of two things will happen: either they will get better or they will go out of business, which will allow another institution that will produce to come forward.

If parents in lower economic areas were to understand the possibilities, they would demand this change to take place. People in the higher economic areas have had “school choice” for decades. How is that? Either they move to a neighborhood that has good public schools, or they pay their child’s tuition at a private school. But parents in the lower economic areas have been caught. How is that? Because if teachers are not producing they are inevitably moved to lower economic areas, where the parents neither have the resources to go elsewhere nor the political power effectively to object.

That is why so…

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