Education funding: Readers speak out

Kudos to Democrats

I served in Afghanistan as a captain in the U.S. Army. While I was there, the Taliban intimidated teachers who taught English, attacked girls for going to school and blew up U.S.-built school buildings. They targeted education because they knew that an educated youth is the single most important factor that determines if a people will be prosperous.

It’s my experience in Afghanistan that makes me so proud to read about the budget proposed by the state’s House Democrats [“Democrats’ school plan calls for $3B tax increase,” March 28, NWTuesday]. The budget fully funds K-12 education in a sustainable, fair way, while also cleaning up our upside down tax code. I’m especially heartened that it institutes a tax on capital gains. Washington is one of only eight states with no such tax, which applies only to investment profits over $50,000 per year for a couple. It’s the right thing to do.

I congratulate the House Democrats for doing what politicians too rarely do: leading boldly and with courage to build and maintain strong communities for all of us. I hope to see their proposal become law.

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Andrew Dennison Peppler, Seattle


Inslee’s proposal

Senate Republicans proposed a state budget that would somehow add $1.8 billion to K-12 education by lowering property taxes for 80 percent of Washington’s homeowners [“Senate GOP budget plan boosts money for education,” March 22, NWWednesday].

The $43 billion budget plan is the next step in the long process to slowly choke off the resources of the poor, while furthering opportunity for the wealthy.

Our nation’s most vulnerable are already fearing for their well-being at the hands of the Trump administration. The state should be doing everything it can to support Washingtonians who are seeing our health care threatened, schools defunded and safety-net programs eliminated. I implore state…

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