Edible Arrangements® Honors Deserving Moms for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Swizzle Bouquet

“My mom always encouraged me to work hard, make people happy and forget about the money.” -Tariq Farid, Founder & CEO of Edible Arrangements®

Mothers are the hardest working people on the planet. Edible Arrangements® Founder and CEO, Tariq Farid, believes this wholeheartedly. He remembers his mother, Salma, doing everything she could to keep her struggling family happy and healthy – and he credits her with the success of Edible Arrangements®.

“My mom always encouraged me to work hard, make people happy and forget about the money,” said Farid, “and as the Edible Arrangements® franchise has continued to grow, I’ve found more and more that this lesson is one of the secrets to our success, and the success of our amazing franchisees.”

The lessons from Farid’s mother live on the company today, and it’s in her honor that Edible® is celebrating moms everywhere by donating delicious, fresh fruit across the U.S. to help other hardworking mothers who may not be able to otherwise afford fresh produce regularly.

Edible® will make bulk donations in four major cities in the days leading up to Mother’s Day. A total of $20,000 of fresh fruit will be donated nationwide and will feed more than 600 families for an entire week! The donation schedule is as follows:

May 5th, Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, Los Angeles, CA

May 8th, Crossroads Community Services, Dallas, TX

May 9th, Atlanta Community Food Bank, Atlanta, GA

May 11th, Food Bank for New York City’s Community Kitchen & Food Pantry, New York, NY

Edible Arrangements® will also help celebrate thousands of moms worldwide by delivering signature fresh fruit gifts this Mother’s Day. It’s Edible Arrangements®’ busiest time of…

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