East LA Kids Dentist, Dr. Ramin Assili, Comments on the New Study about Preventing Tooth Decay in Children

Dr. Ramin Assili

East Los Angeles kids dentist, Dr. Ramin Assili, today comments on a recent study that covered prevention of tooth decay in children. According to researchers, fluoride application is as effective for keeping kids’ teeth without cavities as sealants, which are also popular for preventive dental purposes among children. Preventing oral health problems is especially important during childhood, when orofacial development is paving the way for long-term oral health. With a focus on preventive dental options for children, Dr. Ramin Assili can help kids enjoy dental wellness for a lifetime.

Researchers treated the teeth of eight hundred children with either a sealant or a fluoride varnish to find out which was more effective at keeping the teeth without cavities. While sealants are basically a plastic coating that is painted over teeth to protect the enamel from bacteria and acids, fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that strengthens teeth, fights bacteria, and helps prevent cavities. At the end of the study, researchers found that just 17.5 percent of the children in the fluoride group needed fillings, but 19.6 percent of children in the sealant group needed fillings. The researchers observed that fluoride, the faster and simpler cavity prevention method of the two, more effective than sealants at keeping kids without cavities.

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