Dr. Douglas Cottrell PhD Launches his Exciting New Book Revealing Insightful and New Information on what Scientists Call the Akashic Field

Human consciousness is the next great frontier to be explored – Dr. Cottrell

Dr. Douglas Cottrell PhD, an author of more than a dozen books and authority on human consciousness and personal and spiritual development, recently launched a new book titled, “Conversations With The Akashic Field.” The book, which was announced on American radio show, Coast to Coast AM, chronicles transcripts from Akashic readings given by Dr. Cottrell to various clients over the past 40 years.

Dr. Cottrell says, “I have found that Quantum Meditation™ is the key that opens a gateway, not only to powers such as ESP, clairvoyance, and clairaudience, but also the merge-point at which all consciousness and knowledge is shared.”

According to Dr. Cottrell, this merge-point is what scientists are calling the Intelligent Field, or Akashic Field, as recounted in the iconic work, “The Field,” by American journalist Lynne McTaggart. “Human Consciousness connects our minds with everyone and everything in the universe,” he says. Dr. Cottrell believes that anyone can learn to tap into this field, and they don’t need a special device to do so. Researchers tend to agree and are now examining the human consciousness as the next great frontier to be explored. Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell is one of the champions of this new field of study which he calls Noetic Science.

Dr. Cottrell’s new book, “Conversations with the Akashic Field,” explores topics such as attitude and outlook, coping with change and learning to love unconditionally. The aim of the book is to offer readers clarity on the universal spiritual truths of living in harmony with others, and how everyone’s life experiences are connected through the Akashic Field.

In summer 2017, Dr. Cottrell will be teaching his…

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