Doctor to open dog-friendly clinic in Gainesville – Gainesville Times

Among physicians, you could say that Dr. Ronald Perry is a rare breed — almost as unusual as his 11-year-old field spaniel, Ruckus.

Perry tells the story of how his wife nearly flipped when she called to ask how the state inspection for the opening of his first clinic in Suwanee was going. Ruckus was a mere pup at the time.

Perry said he told his wife not to worry because Ruckus had his head on the inspector’s knee.

“My wife tells me, ‘You can’t have Ruckus there,’” Perry recalled. “I had to hand the phone to the inspector who told my wife, ‘There’s no problem, dogs are acceptable in a clinic. There’s no issue at all.’”

Perry smiled as he recalled that moment. He still has Ruckus by his side, and Rowdy, a 2-year-old field spaniel, as he prepares to open a new clinic in Gainesville — Lanier Urgent Care at 1429 Thompson Bridge Road.

Ruckus and Rowdy will…

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